The Nevermore Chronicles

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The Devil You Know

Life in the big city is dangerous. Especially in Nevermore.

About the Book

A broken down psychic investigator, an FBI agent, a professor of magic, and a scared half-demon kid are thrust into a battle with the forces of Hell.

An FBI raid on an illegal artifact trafficking ring goes sideways, leaving several agents dead and one in critical condition. A magic wielding assassin is on the loose, tying up loose ends. It’s up to psychic investigator Jake Foster to find out who or what is behind it. Once he sobers up.

About the Setting

The story takes place in Baltimore, Maryland, in 21st Century America. It’s a world where society has had a full generation to accept the fact that magic is real, as are creatures of myth and folklore, thanks to viral videos, social media, and the 24-hour news cycle,

Nevermore is a neighborhood near downtown Baltimore, surrounding the home and grave site of Edgar Allen Poe, occupied predominantly by Fae; elves, dwarves, nymphs, and all manner of Otherrealmers who choose to live on our side of the Veil.

But the dark side of the supernatural is also very real. The once irrational fear of monsters lurking in the shadows can no longer be dismissed. Vampires and werewolves now live out in the open. And demons are no longer confined to our nightmares.