Novella Series

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Tales of the Hunter

Available on Kindle.

The Battle of Crooked Horn

Some called it a plague. Others said Hell had come to the New Mexico Territories. It started with a rash of disappearances. Then ghastly rumors of dead men rising from their graves. Then creatures that walked like men started to appear.

The beleaguered people of Crooked Horn were lost.

Then a drifter rode into town.

The Olympus Wars

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Honor Among Thieves

Jay Reese had everything under control. Despite the chaotic turn his life had taken, he understood how the game was played. At least he thought he did, until a botched heist is interrupted by a rampaging minotaur.

Suddenly the career criminal is thrust into a world of sorcery, mystic artifacts, immortals, and monsters where he will learn just how little he knew about the world around him.

The Phoenix Directive

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Codename: Orchid

Regina Cross had it all. A great guy. A full ride scholarship. Dreams of Olympic gold. The only drama in her life involved trying to survive college midterms. But everything changes when secret agents ambush Regina, drawing her into the world of espionage!

Now operating under the codename "Orchid" with a team of independent spies, led by former KGB agent Nikolai Chenko, Regina Cross seeks out other sleeper agents as part of a covert war against a criminal intelligence network known as The Enclave.

GI JOE: The Science of War

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Bait and Switch

The murder of an intelligence agent uncovers a Cobra plot linking terrorist activity in Algeria to a smuggling operation in Spain. G.I. Joe deploys a team to investigate, and discovers that their old enemy has been secretly building and distributing an arsenal of highly advanced weaponry and tech.

When a raid on shipping docks in Barcelona leads the Joes to a corporation in Paris, France, it becomes clear that they've barely scratched the surface of an emerging multinational threat.