Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Getting Back in the Saddle

It's been three years since I remembered I had a blog. And boy is the last thing I posted telling. Here I was running a business, and I only considered that one announcement blog worthy. Because truthfully, it was.

The four years I spent trying to make a go of the distribution business were hands down the roughest years of my life. Not because the work was hard. No, that stretch of my life was rough due to the perpetual crap ton of drama I had to deal with. I put on a good front with customers but I kept interviews and PRs to a minimum because I couldn't bring myself to lie and pretend everything was great when it was anything but.

Literally every. single. time something good happened that promised growth for the company, or when I came home revitalized from an exciting con, there would be my so called business partner ready and eager to shoot me down.

That wasn't the case this year after C2E2. There's always been something invigorating about going to comic conventions. I don't go so much as a fan anymore, but I love meeting pros, seeing new projects, and just being immersed in comics culture. And this year when the con was over, I was still holding into the buzz. Two days later I'm still optimistic about the opportunities I came across this weekend. It's kinda surreal.

So God willing this is the start of my journey back out of my shell.  It was getting kinda smelly in there.