Monday, January 15, 2007

My Tivo has stuff to do again!

Something unprecedented happened last week. Dani blogged TWICE since my last update. We'll see if that happens again now that she's back in school.

As it turned out, I was staring at the posting screen last night trying to come up with something witty to say. I had nothin. I don't want to use this as a soapbox or get political. I hadn't been to the comic shop in awhile. I got Final Fantasy XII, but I'm only like 3 hours into it. Woohoo. It looks cool so far. Uhm... yeah.

Did you really want to read about the doldrums of my job and business as usual with webcomic updates? Me either. But I finally found some stuff to talk about. Go me.

From Dani's blog, I found out that I have more experience with raising kids than she does. I haven't changed a diaper, but I've held babies and bottle fed my cousin Sydney when she was just a few months old. Not a resume to be a nanny, but it counts right? The role reversals in our relationship are scary sometimes. No fear of getting my guy card revoked here. It's been on suspension for years.

I finally saw Phone Booth, one of the movies we skipped because we were sick of the Colin Farrell overdose that summer.

It was much better than I thought it would be. Farrell and Forrest Whitaker (my favorite underrated actor) gave great performances. The camera work and "inset panels" did a great job of keeping the audience engaged even though the tension was centered on a stationary spot. It's hard to believe it was directed by the same guy who killed the Batman franchise.

Part of why I was inspired to watch this movie finally was to get warmed up for Kiefer's return in 24 (His part in Phone Booth rocked, btw).

We watched the season premier tonight. In the opening ten minutes, we're caught up on who the new players are, where the old players have gone and how they've changed, and thrown head first into the action.

The creators have not lost their touch one bit. The storytelling is brilliant and the pace is insane. It continues to deliver eye bugging "Holy$&*# they did not just do that!" moments without being contrived. Jack Bauer is still superhuman and everything in L.A. is still located within 2 and a half minutes of everything else, but hey... the plot moves so fast and furious you don't really have time to quibble.

Turkey subplot of the series warning; whatever is going to revolve around the third Palmer sibling, Sandra. I don't know if she's supposed to be the conscience of the show or the unsympathetic whiner who just doesn't get it. Either way, she's already been the catalyst for left field drama (that I am sure will come back to haunt us by mid-day). Expect her to be the obligatory civilian who screws something else up for CTU.

That's it. No more or I'll spoil one of the other 99 good moments.

Next week... Smallville

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