Friday, January 26, 2007

Comics on TV

So I can't talk too much about Smallville in detail, because Dani hasn't watched "Justice" yet, but I know she wants to. I've been screening episodes for her because she still hasn't forgiven me for letting her watch the one with Batista and the Scooby Gang vs Static Man.

But Lois is back. Big bonus. Lana's not in it at all. Even bigger bonus. Though Lana was ten times less obnoxious in the episode two weeks ago than she has been previously this season, even with the Dawson's Creek-like plotlines being that were tied up that show.

As for the "Justice League", I hope the episode tested well, because I'd love to see this spinoff. I like the way all the characters were translated to the Smallville universe, even A.C. the surfer dude. Well... after having seen the little trailer for the Green Arrow "wireless show", I'm kind of disappointed. He'd always seemed a little too much like Batman with a bow, but the revised origin story sinches it. At least it's a really kick ass bow.

And Heroes is back! We actually cancelled the Tivo's season pass to RAW because wrestling has been that weak lately, and we don't want to wait for the Friday reruns on Sci-Fi.

This series is easily the best new thing to hit television this year. Like the movie Unbreakable, it's a brilliant way to package a superhero story for a mainstream audience without losing the best elements of the genre. It's a great touch the way each episode's title is shown like the opening page of a comic and the season is broken into chapters like trade paperbacks.

I saw on Dixonverse that Hayden Panettiere, the 17 year old actress who plays Claire, is going to be at FX in Orlando. I wonder if this is her first con, or if she's been sufficiently braced for what she's about to experience. My heart goes out to the poor girl when she sees a 300 lb middle aged man in a cheerleader outfit.

There's a lot that I want to talk about, regarding why I'm still going over a week between updates. But I can't, really. Suffice to say I'm about to have a change in employment, or at least my employment status, depending on how things go the next few weeks.

We're going to be at the Inter-Fan Jam in Portage Indiana on March 10th. God willing, we'll have new stuff to sell. True to form, we face a crisis with every new convention. So it goes.

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